Sunday, May 31, 2009

Employees Climbing Their Career Ladder

Over the course of my career, I have managed several employees and have mentored them by teaching them the skills and giving them the tools to be successful in their job. I have high expectations for the value that I expect them to bring to the organization regardless of their job title.

My employees know that I expect a lot from them but I also expect a lot from myself. I expect deadlines to be met on time unless of course there was something clearly out of their control and the work they turn in to meet or exceed my expectations. If it doesn’t they are asked to go back and fix it to be presentable, accurate and something they would be proud of for others to view.

After spending several months/years with employees watching them grow as individuals in their work skills and responsibilities, it is always such a joy to see them move one more rung up their career ladder even if that means losing them in their current position or at the company.

Of course, to have a wonderful employee that wants to work hard, exceed expectations, take the initiative to improve processes and needs very little follow up from me; I hope to give them the opportunity when it arises to advance within the company so the company can continue to benefit from the value they bring. However, sometimes, the opportunity isn’t there and they move onto another company. Nonetheless, the satisfaction and joy to see them advance is rewarding! To see their excitement to learn something new, to increase their pay and to excel in their new position is truly a lot of fun as a manager.

If anyone is in a position at their job that is either bored with it, doesn’t like it or you have the desire to learn more and advance – my advice to you is to make sure whatever job you have now that you do it well regardless of whether it is satisfying or not. Ask for opportunities to get involved in other areas or with other departments within the company such as sitting in and being part of a committee which will give you a little more exposure to the company and the bigger picture of its goals and strategy. This will not only help you become more valuable to the company but allow you to see where other opportunities may lie for you in the future.

And be sure to tell your boss (if you have an open communication with her/she) that you are interested in learning new skills and hope to advance within the company someday. If you do, chances are they will consider you first and help you prepare for it. Remember, it’s up to you and you alone to manage your own career and climb the next rung up the ladder or start climbing the next size ladder.

What’s your experience been as a manager or employee?