Saturday, October 24, 2009

Women Do Totes - Men Do Briefcases!

When you're walking through the airport, do you see women rolling behind them a black computer case just like the man walking next to them? So many women are dressed for success but still carrying or rolling along a briefcase instead of a stylish laptop tote.

As a business owner and career focused woman, I want to look good, feel good and portray confidence when dealing with vendors, meeting with customers, attending conferences or board meetings.

For years I have used a briefcase to carry my laptop and important papers when traveling or visiting with clients or vendors. It has always consisted of the typical black briefcase look which is very similar to what a lot of men use so nothing really distinguished mine from theirs and it certainly didn't look feminine but it served the purpose.

But then I discovered laptop totes through that are designed especially for career women that added a touch of class to my attire. Not only does it hold everything I need such as my laptop, documents, PDA and glasses, but it holds my Pink Ladders Task Manager, which fits perfectly in the tote and I couldn't be happier.

No more briefcases for me, only totes!

Angela Newman