Monday, June 7, 2010

Remembering William Newman - Our Fallen Hero

Today marks three years since our son, William Newman, died in Iraq (June 7, 2007). I will never forget this day when we first heard of this sad news. The Air Force representatives were waiting at our home when we arrived from work to tell us what had happened; our daughter Emily was at their side standing at the top of the driveway waiting for me and my husband and her siblings to arrive.

It was shock and disbelief that this could have happened - after all William had only one week left and then he would be returning home. He died while disarming a roadside bomb. It was his job as an EOD technician and he loved what he did but unfortunately his 200th mission was his last. He was loved by so many people because he was a genuinely nice person that cared for others. Losing William not only affected our lives forever, but many others as well.

We miss and love you William! Although you are no longer here with us in person, we know you are here in spirit watching over us each and every day.