Sunday, September 5, 2010

Women Taking Control of Their Lifestyle

"Women have gone backwards since the 80's but where we are coming into our own is as business owners."

These are the words of Lynne Franks, a 62 year old woman in the UK who had an incredible PR career back in the 80's and is still running her own business today. She is currently working on opening up a women's business club in London's Covent Garden.

She says its been in the works for the last ten years of understanding how and where women like to work. Many women today are working from a virtual office and working for themselves in order to find life's balance.

After all, if you can work from the comfort of your home or library if you choose to, or the local coffee shop or the park on a nice day; why not? That compared to an office in the same place, same people, same temperature day after day sounds very appealing to many women. It also allows them the freedom to make their own schedules in order to balance work and family and socializing.

Many of the women I have personally met via the 'virtual world' do just this. They left the corporate world for more freedom, more flexibility and more balance in their lives. They are able to be home when the kids get off school, attend school activities without asking their boss for time off, meet a friend for lunch and take as long as they'd like. (just a few perks of virtual careers) All they need is a laptop,a wireless connection and of course their Pink Ladder's Task Manager and they are good to go from just about anywhere they choose. Women taking control of their lifestyle - I love it!